Electrical industry

Together … for energy and growth

The electrical industry is an extremely varied and future-facing industry. Without this branch of the economy, no wind turbine would turn and solar power would not be converted into electricity. To be able to do this, the industry needs such diverse and efficient items as switchgear, batteries and heavy-current capacitors. The components, jigs and fixtures supplied by Ahlberg Metalltechnik are indispensable for this.

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Referenz Siemens, Elektroindustrie

Vorrichtungen, Elektroindustrie

Core competence in jig and fixture construction

Special products, particularly for the electrical industry, require individual production equipment, such as hydraulic clamping devices, complex assembly equipment and high-precision test instruments. This area lies in the core competence of jig and fixture maker Gampe & Mosner.

Jig and fixture construction

We handle complete planning and execution of your projects and support you as an experienced partner in jig, fixture and special machine construction.

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