Celebrating success … together

Ahlberg Metalltechnik is an owner-managed company. This shapes the culture in all four member companies of the Group. Every new customer contract is a challenge that is faced jointly by all employees – all working flexible hours and on permanent employment contracts. Even a flat organization with decentralized decision levels is part of a modern corporate structure for Mario Ahlberg, in order to promote responsibility and creative teamwork.

The success of the company is possible only by the performance of many. A satisfied team strengthens the future of Ahlberg Metalltechnik: pursuing joint aims, being there for one another, feeling acknowledgement for each individual’s own performance.

“We’re a good team. As a woman with a rather uncommon profession, I’m pleased with the way that I’m accepted and supported by my male colleagues.” Anna Akimov
“I like that my skills are being expanded by working at Gampe & Mosner, for example when I write CAD/CAM programs for the CNC machines.” Heiko Römhild
“Continually bringing new ideas to the manufacturing process gives me a huge amount of pleasure.” Şaban Aksit
“In the single-item production department, I am challenged by new designs every day. This constant variation is perfect for me.” Thomas Teske
“The customers expect precisely functioning tools. The design team’s great experience is the most valuable thing we have to offer, and is the foundation of every tool design.” Norman Jungnickel
“I’m delighted to see how new things emerge and the company grows. Together with my wonderful workmates, I also make my contribution.” Brigitte Gerhold